Students learn at their own pace.

Easy to implement curriculum

How to enroll your students

If you have only one student you can enroll them by simply subscribing to a series. All of our ebook and practice materials are already included with each lesson. If you have several students we can help you get enrolled for the upcoming school year. Call us at 530-YOU-TUNE (9-5 CST). Here is the enrollment information we will need:
1.  List of the names and email addresses of the students 
2.  Which series each student will enroll
3.  Form of payment (credit or debit) Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover 
4.  Date the school wants to start series 
5.  School contact person name, email and phone number.

Note: When a student is finished with their series they can go into their account to cancel that series 

How to implement lessons into your curriculum
Each lesson series is designed to last approximately 10 weeks. Students should
not progress to the next lesson until they master the concept from the current
lesson. This gives room for the students who may need 2 or more weeks to complete a lesson. It is important that the student does have access to the instrument they are learning for practicing purposes. We recommend alloting a time during the school day for them to practice. It is also necessary for each student to practice with a metronome. You can purchase one from a music store or download a metronome app for your smartphone.
It is good to make a calendar for the weekly lessons and recitals. However, it is recommended that you allow for flexibility in case the student needs more time on a lesson.
Each lesson includes a worksheet and a background track to play with, both of which can be graded. It is recommended that these lessons be graded using A, B, C, D, or F. A being excellent, B being good, C being average, D being below average and F being unacceptable.
Each student will need to sign up for their own lesson account. We recommend having 1 recital during the course of each semester. The preparation process is eased because the students will be able to play along with a background track.
In order to understand the concepts taught in each lesson, students should have a quiet place for viewing and taking notes. It may be most effective to also have the student print out the PDF before viewing the lesson.
Students should be practicing about 30 minutes a day to accomplish a lesson per week.
If a student requires placement testing, please contact us at 530-YOU-TUNE or
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