1. How many lessons are included in each set?

There are 10 lessons in each set.
2. What is included in each lesson?
Each lesson includes: Video with 2 views (Instructor head shot and a close up of the instructor playing), Background track to practice your song (it’s like playing with a live band, all instruments are included except the one you are learning), Full-color PDF (You can view this on your computer, tablet, phone or print it out. It includes a handout companion to the video lesson, which explains in detail {with pictures} the information you are learning. There is also a worksheet so you can fill out to ensure you are on track learning. Lastly, there is a chord chart for the song taught in the lesson so you can start playing immediately!)
3. What is a background track?
A background track is an mp3 that all instruments are included except the one you are learning. So when you practice it sounds like you are playing with a full band. It also makes practicing fun!
4. What is a chord chart or leadsheet?
Anytime you hear an instructor refer to a chord chart or leadsheet they are talking about the same thing. In your PDF, it’s labeled as a chord chart and has the chords and words to the song you are learning.
5. Why do you teach lessons in “bite-size chunks”?
We want to help you make your goal of learning music attainable. If there is so much information in each lesson that you are overwhelmed, chances are you won’t stick with it. We know it feels good for you to have a sense of accomplishment.
6. Why is it wrong to give my lesson login info to my friends?
Our lessons are priced at the very bottom dollar. Although we all love to get things for the cheapest price we know you understand that our monthly pricing is what you'd pay for just one person to have 1 private lesson elsewhere. If more than one person is using the same account to learn, it will hurt us from being able to do really cool things and bring you more great lessons.
7. Do I have to go through each set of lessons in order?
Yes, each lesson builds upon the previous one so if you get out of order you’ll probably be lost.
8. Why do you review scales so much?
The foundation of playing is knowing your scales. Without them, it’s going to be very hard for you to become an accomplished musician.
9. Can I use your lessons for Private or Home School?
Yes. Grades can be given for the worksheets included with the handout and on the student's performance with the background track.
10. Is copying or using the PDF/MP3/Video materials for teaching permitted?
No. Our materials are copywritten and were created for use only with a lesson purchase from Tune Bucket, LLC.
11. Can I view lessons on my iPhone or Andriod phone?
Yes! Lessons can be viewed on any device. Connect to wi-fi for the best playback.
12. How long will I have access to the lessons?
This is an ongoing monthly subscription service. You will have access to the lessons until you cancel your subscription. Our lessons are designed so that you can accomplish1 lesson per week, just like a private piano instructor. The great thing is that you do have 24 hour online access to these videos, eBooks, mp3 tracks, a close up shots of the instructors hands and unlimited video replay.

The monthly subscription will automatically renew the same series. When you're ready to move on, cancel your subscription and subscribe to a new series. With each lesson comes an eBook and mp3 background practice track, these are downloadable and yours to keep even after the video subscription expires.
13. Do I need internet to access the lessons?
Yes & No - You do need internet access in order to view the actual lesson video. However, you can download the ebook and mp3 background practice track so that you will be able to practice and lesson activities without internet.
14. How do I switch to a different series?

This is an ongoing subscription service. Your subscription to a series will continue in effect unless and until you cancel your subscription. You must cancel your subscription before the renewal date in order to avoid billing of the next month's subscription fees to your Payment Method. Subscription fees are fully earned upon payment. If you would like to switch to a different series (Switch from Piano Fundamentals 1 to Piano Fundamentals 2), please unsubscribe from the current series before subscribing to a new series. Once you cancel you will have access to your current series until the next billing date. Your subscription to a new series will start a new billing cycle. (See #15 How do I unsubscribe from a series?)

15. How do I unsubscribe from a series?
When you complete a series you should cancel your current subscription before you subscribe to a new series. Your subscription will automatically renew as long as you need the lessons. Your subscription will continue in effect unless and until you cancel your subscription. The subscription fee or fees will be billed at the beginning of the paying portion of your subscription and each month thereafter unless and until you cancel your subscription. We automatically bill your Payment Method each month on the calendar day corresponding to the commencement of your paying subscription. You must cancel your subscription 48 hours before it renews in order to avoid billing of the next month. In the event your paying subscription began on a day not contained in a given month, we bill your Payment Method on the last day of such month. For example, if you became a paying subscriber on January 31st, your Payment Method would next be billed on February 28th. Payments are nonrefundable and THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR UNUSED OR PARTIALLY USED PERIODS. You may cancel your subscription at anytime, and cancellation will be effective immediately. Once you cancel you will have access to your lessons until the next billing date. Here's how to cancel:
Cancellation process: 
Click here to go to lesson portal.
1.      Go to Channel that you are taking from: Example Piano Fundamentals 1
2.      Sign in (click on your name)
3.      Click on My account
4.      A pop up window will appear (click on membership)
5.      Click unsubscribe- and it will walk you thru the cancellation. 
16. I forgot my password! 
Click here to reset.
17. How do I download lesson materials?
If you’ve purchased access to a video or a file attachment and want to download it, make sure you’re signed in, then play the video back. The player window will bring up a menu of downloadable items. You may click to download each item.
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