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I’ve lost count of the messages I’ve received from women who are scared to play piano.

They want to be good, but are stuck beating away a few chords in a few keys and have even stopped playing in service when the service leader wants a key change or the preacher starts singing a new song in his own key. As much as we don’t want to admit it……it’s so embarrassing, right?!

If I could share one secret with you about how I became comfortable on the piano it’s this….I made myself play in every key! I remember my first Music Director role…sitting at the piano during pre-service rehearsal scared to death because we were doing “Still” by Hillsong in the key of A.

Yes, I was terrified but also determined to overcome this “fear of playing” because it was paralyzing. I was literally shaking! If you want to be a great piano player start by not being afraid of your piano! This includes being comfortable playing in every key…yes Gb, A, B, and E.

TRUST ME… overcoming this will make you a much more confident musician! I’m here to show you how!!! 🎉