How we started...

Melody Wedergren started her first business in 2008, as a side job. It is a marketing and graphics company called Market Street Graphics. She was also a traveling musician. Over the years, people would express their interest in taking music lessons. "If only you lived closer", they would say. She quickly began to see that something needed to change in the music industry. Realizing that people lead busy lives and everyone has a different schedule, there needed to be a way where people could access music lessons at their conveinence. This is how Tune Bucket, LLC was formed.


As a teenager, she would drive two hours one way just to take lessons weekly from a qualified instructor. Melody realized how valuable her music education has been and the reality that this type of instruction is not available to everyone. Most cities don't have a local instructor that can teach good gospel style piano. She knew that online lessons would have been a great benefit to her when she was first starting out.


So she became inspired to teach what she knows. Melody has devoted her time to creating music lessons that are easy to understand and has already seen great progress in her online students. Pretty incredible, considering that it all started with someone asking a question.



"If you want to learn to play the piano and can't find a local teacher,

check out Tune Bucket - great pianist and teacher. She's local to everyone

that has an Internet connection"

- Aaron Hall (Music Minister & Coordinator of Synergy Music Conference)




We are an online music education company founded in 2012 by Melody Wedergren. 

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