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your own pace

Bite-sized learning.  


"From not playing at all to rockin' in church"
Essential tips.
Playing by number.
Inversion tricks.
Rhythm booster.
If you are new to Tune Bucket, this is the place to start. This series will introduce you to our teaching methods + enhance your rhythm skills as well as your knowledge of scales. We teach using the scale number system. Since it is vital for you to be able to name the 6 of any scale in a second's time, we take the time to focus on building your scale expertise in this series. You'll develop the skills to play any inversion instantly. 
Slow songs fills.
Play by ear.
How chords move.
Play 7th chords
This series will advance your ability to play as well as teaching you how chords move, which plays a vital role in learning to play by ear. You will learn techniques to help your slow songs transition from choppy and awkward to smooth melodious ballads. By the time you complete this series, you will be able to play beautiful fills in any key and apply them to the songs you already play.

$29.99/ month

Master fast songs.
Advanced rhythm skills.
Playing the fast vamp.
Mastering hymnals.
This series will advance your ability to play fast songs and gospel music. You'll no longer shrink in fear when an upbeat song is scheduled. With these advanced skills you will master playing any style of fast song and apply these vamps to songs you already know.