play piano better

Teaching women to 

in a way that's simple and sounds great!

The doors to this coaching group are closed as we invest in our current members. To get your name on the waitlist for the next opening, please click below!


You play but need help making your songs sound fuller!

You want to learn more runs and fills to spice up your playing!

You want to be able to play confidently!

 $197 value for $37 a month!  

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At the beginning of each month, you will receive a new guidebook that shows you exactly what to be working on according to your skillset. It also includes chord charts for that month's songs.

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Each month your classes will include: Piano Lesson (breakdown chords + movements in songs), Live Q+A (ask anything about music or playing), Group Coaching (get help with specific struggle areas), Group Assessment Recitals (send in a video of you playing so that Melody can give you specific tips on what to work on next. 

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In the Inner Circle, you'll find women just like you. We're all balancing responsibilities and schedules while we go for our dreams of playing better. We're here to hold you accountable and cheer you on!

Are you ready to take your playing to the next level?

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