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Get better at playing the songs you do at church

Learn How to Play Many Types of Fast Songs

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Learn How to Make Songs Sound Much Fuller

Here are some of the songs you'll learn


Eddie James


Jesus Culture


JJ Hairston


Ron Kenoly

Hey guys! My name is Melody and I've helped women just like you get better at playing piano for church.

I have found a way to simplify playing that works for my sleep-deprived, over-stressed brain. It’s made me a more confident musician and Worship Pastor. At first, I was so happy I figured this out for myself, but quickly learned that there were other women desperate for the same playing tips. 


I believe that playing the piano well should be easy to understand and simple to do. I know what it’s like to not have a teacher close and wanted to make this easy for anyone, anywhere to access. I understand that pushing through fear and confusion are the keys to being the piano player that YOU CAN BE!


Now I’m passing on the experience I’ve had through my Piano Players Coaching Group, Private Piano Lessons, training new musicians in churches to show you that you can be an amazing piano player!

Here's What Real Students are Saying!

I was in a rut for a while because I couldn't figure out how to play more advanced. That's why I joined. And your teaching is so easy to understand! I learn hands-on so being able to see all the screens when you teach helps so much!!! 🤗

Melody, I wanted to share this with you. I've never played the "old-style pentecostal music". EVER. I just wrote it off as not my style and pretty much scary. I've never had anyone show me how. Today I got on the Coaching Group and went to the November files. I watched your video and printed off the doer chart. I ran it through with the loop a couple of times and then called my 14-year old down to play it with me. It's plan and not perfect but it was so much fun!! It's something I never thought I could or would do. So, thank you!!

Phenomenal! 😊 I (and others) can see a drastic change! I am self taught, so my mind is blown 🤯 as I learn and understand new things. Especially fill-ins and runs. I'm a pro at walk up and downs, lol, but I get better and better each practice and service. 🥳

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