Why Women Struggle with Playing Confidence

Aug 08, 2022

How do you feel about playing in front of other people?

As women, we’re our own worst critic. We limit ourselves by thinking “I can’t” so we never try.

Consider this, if you’ve had a dream of playing…how many years has it actually been since you’ve taken lessons, practiced consistently, or even touched a piano?

  1. We think we can’t, so we don’t!
  2. We’re good at praising others and focusing on our shortcomings!
  3. We don’t prioritize our own dreams.

It’s time for us to acknowledge…There’s a real struggle going on! I hear from women,  all the time, in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s who are discouraged about the way they play. They feel stuck! Full of regrets, because they’ve waited so long to really play like they’ve always wanted. I believe this is the reason 


Why women struggle with playing confidence

  1. They’ve learned to “fake it til they make it”
  2. They’re okay playing in a few keys but not all.
  3. They struggle with the basics like knowing how to play all chords and inversions.

If you resonated with any of these, then I want to be the first to tell you…. There is still hope! Julia Child published her first cookbook at 50. Vera Wang made her debut into the fashion industry at 40. Sam Walton opened his first WalMart store at 44.


Here’s how the Piano Players Coaching Group will help you play better

  1. You’re able to focus on specific playing areas or songs, like shout beats or playing by ear.
  2. There’s no such thing as getting behind. If it takes a week or 3 months to complete a lesson, you’re in good company.
  3. You can submit playing videos to get real time suggestions on what to work on.


In the Piano Players weekly coaching group you’ll:

  • Request songs you want to learn
  • Get answers for working with musicians and teams
  • Send in a video of you playing and get specific tips on how to make your playing better
  • Learn to play a new song each month.
  • Attend or submit questions for a live Q+A


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