Here’s the best way to learn to play a song that seems challenging

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I have been so excited to see new original music coming out of our churches, from people we know! What a time to be alive. You can write a song and easily get the word out about it with a simple post. Songwriting is a gift, an art, a craft and if you have that skill you should use it!


If you’re like me and it seems a little vulnerable to put your music out there, you need to hear this….DO IT ANYWAY!!


I know I’m preaching to the choir that’s why I am so proud of our comrades like: Mark Crowder, Savannah McKee, Britni Scott, James Wilson and Draylin Young. I know there are so many more than this and I’m not intentionally leaving anyone out. 

Can we take a minute to appreciate this new music from Savannah McKee.

With so much new music on the horizon it may seem like the exciting songs are passing you by, especially if you’re in a smaller music department.


My calling is to help smaller music departments develop a big sound. In fact all of my 17 years of music ministry experience has been with departments of less than 30 people. That’s why I want to tell you that YOU CAN STILL DO ALL OF THE LATEST SONGS IN YOUR CHURCH. I’d like to share some tricks I’ve learned that may help you too!


But first, have you heard “Strong Tower” by James Wilson yet?


Here’s a way you can break down this song if you have just a handful of singers:

  1. Verses can be sung by a soloist

  2. Chorus can be done unison

  3. Sing the bridge as a duet 

  4. Play it with a STEM


If you’re looking to push your limits as a musician, this a great song to learn. I’m also a big fan of “Power in the Name” by Draylin Young

 A great way to grow your skills when you’re in a small setting is to KEEP LEARNING MORE! “Power in the Name” is a great song to help push you out of your musical ruts. I challenge you to learn it just for fun!


Here’s the best way to learn to play a song that seems challenging:

  1. Listen the first time paying attention to when your instrument plays

  2. The second time through pay attention to the song dynamics

  3. Practice 5 time through with the original track


If you’re looking for other songs to inspire you to play check these out!


“Promises” Mark Crowder

“Can’t Hold Back My Hallelujah” Britni Scott


Let’s support apostolic artists! 


If there are still tickets and you want to catch the end of the Outpour tour with James Wilson and Draylin Young click the link in James Wilsons IG profile. You can find him @jameselliswilson


My hope is that these tips simplify songs in a way so that you’re able to do any of these new songs in your local church! 

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