How to Play Spontaneously

Dec 05, 2022

Most musicians want to be able to play spontaneously. If this seems like a struggle for you, I’m going to show you how easy it can be.

Playing off-the-cuff is so beneficial for a church musician. 

Here’s why you should know how to play spontaneously.

  1. Playing in between songs or background music.
  2. If someone starts singing a song in a random key
  3. Altar call may require you to play-by-ear or put a medley of songs together in a key other than the original.

    The biggest reason musicians struggle with playing spontaneously is because they struggle with playing in every key. Often playing spontaneously requires us to be able to transpose a song in our heads.


    The Easiest Way to Transpose a Song in Your Head

    1. Know all of your scales like the back of your hand.
    2. Learn the 1-7 chords in every key.
    3. Think of a song in number - then it doesn't matter what key you’re in

    The quickest way to become a better musician is to be 100% comfortable with your instrument.

    What EVERY Piano Player Should Know!

    1. How to Play in Every Key

2. How to Play by Number

My prayer is that you take these steps to becoming the piano player I know you can be. If you want to be good, then you need to be able to play spontaneously. I’ve given you all of the tips you need to know. Now it’s your time to get started!


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