My New Song is Finally Here

Feb 10, 2023

This feels embarrassing to share!


I’ve been writing songs all my life. Have even sung some of them in church. But to think of recording them, felt like something that was too hard. I’ve cheered people on from the sidelines. Seen people half my age write and record song after song. It felt like everyone else was following their dreams but me! The older I got, the more hesitant I was.

 But it finally happened. I released my first song at 40! I know, I know, that’s not the fairy tale dream most people think of. After all, we should be bold enough to accomplish our dreams earlier in life. BUT WHAT IF WE DON’T?



What if some of us are holding back, or it’s not the right time, or we just can’t get it together? That doesn’t mean we’ve lost our chance. We’re just getting started!


I’ve seen a trend of great original songs being recorded lately. They’re great! Even incredible!! When it comes to writing songs, I know my lane. (Not to say that I won’t ever write a 4 verse song). But as a music director for 16 years, I knew the connection a church could make to the spirit when a song was simple and easy to learn. All of a sudden, the band and singers faded to the background and people were only listening for the voice of God. Pure worship that came from within. Singing to the top of their lungs the simple 4 line chorus. For days after they’d sing it randomly: while getting ready in the morning, driving to work or while making dinner. The melody and chords were so easy that it didn’t matter if you had 7 people in your band or if it was just your voice and piano. 


THESE are the kinds of songs I keep writing over and over. So here’s the first “When You Say Jesus”. You’ll learn it very easily. It will work as a stand alone song, in a medley or sung acapella. I hope that when you sing the name of Jesus you feel him right beside you. Because He is!


When you record a song, you can still hear all of the imperfections every time you play it. I didn’t want to sing it. I’ve always struggled with my tension in my voice, but this wasn’t about me. It was about God giving me a song and it was my responsibility to get it out there! So I sang it the best I could. (I can hear how sick I was in the recording!)


The journey to releasing this song was so challenging! I first went to the studio at the beginning of 2020. A few weeks later, the world shut down. The same weekend, my mom got very sick and went into the hospital. A few weeks later, my mom passed away. It felt like my heart was ripped out. Most of my days were in a daze! Time went on and the haze cleared. I asked a group of singers to help me record the vocals in the studio. Unfortunately, the studio then had their computers wiped and we weren’t sure if the recorded files were saved. Then a fire one night at the studio destroyed the building and the timeline was put on hold. Almost 3 years later, When You Say Jesus was finally released. 


Here’s to the late bloomers. The women who refuse to stop dreaming. The trailblazers who are just getting started at 40. This is your season!! I hope you enjoy listening to When You Say Jesus! 





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