Songs for Christmas - Gratitude

Nov 26, 2023

How to Make Beautiful Worship Songs Flow on Piano 


(Brandon Lake)


If you want to play beautiful worship songs that sound like they flow on piano…


You have to be ok with leaving space between some of the chords that you’re playing.


You can do this by using your sustain pedal to carry the notes. 


This space allows the song to feel open and beautiful. 


Any fills that you add will stand out and sound really pretty.


This song is in B.


The chorus is easy!

B  F#  E  G#m  F#  

B  F#  E  G#m  F#  B


In numbers it’s

1   5  4  6m  5

1   5  4  6m  5   1


Are you ok with leaving space in between chords?

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