Songs for the Season - PART 1

Nov 07, 2023

Master Slow Church Songs on the Piano

“After All These Years” (Todd Galberth)

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If you want to Master Slow Church Songs on the Piano the first thing you need to do


if you want to be confident playing slower church songs is...


Learn to play songs without keeping the rhythm.


This will open your playing up to be able to tastefully add fills.


This song is in B.


The chords to the chorus are:

F# G#m E C#m 

B/F# F#


F# G#m E C#m 

B   F#


In numbers that’s

5  6m  4  2m

1/5   5


5  6m  4  2m

1    5


When every beat of a song isn’t filled you can choose different playing tricks that make songs flow better. 


Adding space with your sustain pedal and also playing fills are just 1 of the playing tips that will help you play better.


Do you struggle with making slow songs flow?


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