The Easiest Way to Find Chord Charts

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Help me settle the debate! Is finding chord charts for songs fun or challenging?


For a long time it was the most dreaded part of finding new songs. Especially in the early 2000’s when chord charts on the internet weren’t as much of a thing.


The secret I have learned to finding chords for many songs is as easy as a quick google search. This is especially helpful if you don’t play by ear!


You might be surprised at the amount of songs you can easily find chords for. I’m gonna show you how. Go to your browser and search the song title, artist and add chords…. Try these…

  1. Never Lost Tauren Wells Chords
  2. Believe for It CeCe Winans Chords
  3. Freedom Jesus Culture Chords


Here are my favorite websites for finding chords for songs. 






I think it’s well worth your time to even purchase chord charts. Song writers spend hours, weeks and months, pouring over song lyrics and melody’s to bring you a 4 minute song. I believe the least we can do is support them when they sell chord charts. 


I used to write out chord charts and vocals for a living…and it was grueling. I could easily spend 1-2 days on just 1 song. 


Chord charts are very inexpensive. In my opinion, it’s well worth your time and money.


I hope this helps you in your journey of finding new songs to teach to your team.


I’m dying to know if I’m the only one who does this? Did you know you could easily find chord charts on the internet?

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