The Secret to Playing in More Keys

Nov 07, 2022

Most of you have been thrown without warning into playing for church. This is good and fun and exciting at first. 


You’re finding ways to just get by every service or fake it til you make it. By now you have those go to keys you like to play in….probably C, Eb, F and G. Good for you!


Your plan to survive a church service is starting to fall apart now that the team is learning to depend on you and you’ve had to turn down playing certain songs because you can’t play in that key.


Now you feel the pressure building up and you’re not sure why playing in new keys scares you so much!


The Reason You’re Afraid to Play in Certain Keys

  1. They look different from your comfort keys.
  2. They may contain more black or white keys than you are used to.
  3. Keys like E, A, and B don’t feel as easy to play in.


I’ve seen musicians afraid of their own instrument. This adds to the already mounting pressure you feel by playing for a normal service. What you need are these simple tricks to show you how easy it is to play in every key on the piano.


The Secret to Playing in More Keys on the Piano

  1. Start by learning your scales.
  2. The formula for a scale is W-W-H-W-W-W-H (those are whole and half steps)
  3. For example, the F Scale would be F, G, A, Bb, C, D, E, F
  4. Now take a few minutes a day to practice every scale on the piano


For most people learning to play in every key is just a mental block. It’s a result of what they’ve been taught about playing in the past. This is why you might think it’s hard, but it’s not!


Why Learning to Play in Every Key May Seem Difficult to You

  1. You haven’t learned to transpose the notes you’re playing into numbers
  2. Every scale has 7 notes. THAT’S IT! 
  3. Learning to play using numbers 1-7  makes playing SO MUCH EASIER!
  4. IT’S SO SIMPLE! In F - F is the 1 , G is the 2, A is the 3 etc….


See how easy playing in every key can be? This is just the tip of the iceberg! There’s much more help I can give you.


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